GPS + BeiDou Receiver for Nikon camera

GMAX (for Nikon)

  Price: $229.99

Please select the appropriate data cable below to support your Nikon camera models:

Cable–GD for connection to Nikon D5, D850, D500, D810A, D810, D800, D800E, D4S, D4, D3-series, D700, D300S, D300, D2x, D2xs, D2Hs, D200

Cable–GE for connection to Nikon D90

Cable–GF for connection to Nikon Df, D750, D610, D600, D7500, D7200, D7100, D7000, D5600, D5500, D5300, D5200, D5100, D5000, D3300, D3200, D3100 and Coolpix A, Coolpix P7800 P7700

The GMAX is the 4th generation geotagger. We developed GMAX after carefully listening to feedback from thousands of our loyal worldwide customers. They are professionals and photo-enthusiasts who wanted “more” from their GPS devices. GMAX's powerful new technologies and functions, coupled with its ease of use, rugged dependability, and astonishingly accurate location data, make it a perfect complement to Nikon DSLR cameras used by both pros and photo enthusiasts.
Photogearnews at Photokina 2016 in Köln for introduction of GMAX



·  Embeds location information - longitude, latitude, altitude, shooting direction, and even Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) - into every video or image EXIF when shot.
·  Can act as a stand-alone "course logger" while sailing, hiking, flying, skiing, traveling, etc. enabling user to record and retrace multiple routes.
·  Dual positioning systems: GPS and BeiDou (BDS) provide 20% more location accuracy than GPS alone.
·  GMAX delivers fast signal acquisition, a powerful 1900mAh lithium battery, and power-saving technologies for extended usage.
·  Measures Barometric or GPS altitude (based on user preference).
·  Bluetooth technology enables iPhones used as a camera wireless remote trigger for user’s DSLR.

A built in automatic electronic compass that accurately captures and records shooting direction to each photo or video file as you shoot it. 
The capability to track and record your location, speed, direction of travel, and altitude…and more!

Course Logging
GMAX can function as a stand-alone “course logger”, so you'll always not just know where you ARE, but also how to find your way home...AND keep a permanent record of precisely where you were and when! GMAX can acquire and record any route you travel; on land, sea, or air! Whether you are climbing the Matterhorn, hang gliding over the Grand Canyon, trekking the great outback, or kayaking the Yangtze River - GMAX has you covered!

Shooting on the back roads of Madagascar? No sweat! GMAX automatically stores all your course data in its 4GB internal flash drive at specific intervals that you can set. As an example, GMAX can capture and store more than 170 days of continuous trekking at intervals of 1-record-per-second! Phenomenal!  

LCD screen
GMAX's bright, amply-sized, back-lighted LCD screen is easy to read at 38.5×16mm/1.52 x0.63 inches.

The extraordinarily well designed, new GMAX also lets you check your geotagging coordinates in real time, right on its LCD screen, which also can display signal strength and the number of satellites being referenced.   

GMAX's LCD can display this…and more:
     - GPS location (longitude and latitude)
     - Altitude - even inside a moving airplane, train, car, or helicopter!
     - Time and date (both UTC and local time are available!)
     - Speed
     - Temperature
     - Compass and Shooting direction
     - Heading (useful for sail, flight and trekking)
     - Attitudes of Pitch and Roll
     - Satellite signal acquisition status
     - Power status

Indoor lock function
When you enter places where there is no GPS signal, GMAX's BDS/GPS dual positioning system keeps you covered. If no signal is available GMAX retrieves your last recorded location to the image you take! 
Feeling “Up in the Air”?
Engage either GMAX's built-in barometric altimeter (which is adjustable!) or its GPS altimeter to record accurate altitude readings (mountain climbers, snow skiers, hang glide enthusiasts, pilots, air travelers - take note!).

Power Conservation and Battery Drain
GMAX's powerful 1900mAh lithium battery, coupled with “smart technology” insures no energy is drained from your camera battery! A single charge supports 18 hours of *continuous* data acquisition...leaving your camera battery to do what it was designed to do: power your camera! But, if you do manage to use up all of GMAX's 18 hours of on board power, it will automatically switch to use your camera battery as backup…so you can keep right on shooting! And you can always check the battery strength on the GMAX’s LCD!

To further conserve power, switch on GMAX’s “Auto” mode, which puts GMAX to “sleep” and wakes it up every time you turn your camera on or off. Otherwise, the receiver is always on standby in Auto mode and this make GMAX reacquires its satellite signals in seconds, not minutes!


Bluetooth technology applied
Download “GMAX-Remoter” App from ”App store” and install it to your iPhone and you can use it as a wireless remote to control camera focus and shutter release!

Timer release
Use your GMAX as an external timer for shutter release. Shooting start time, end time and interval times can all be set on your GMAX!

Accurate Clock
Use GMAX as an extraordinarily accurate, independent clock with automatically adjusting 0.1sec accuracy!


Compatible cameras            Nikon DSLR cameras
                                        *Cameras equipped 10pin terminal or accessory terminal for GPS unit.
                                        * Cameras doesn’t support GPS unit
                                        <LOG> mode available

Geotagging Images            Latitude, longitude, elevation, shooting direction, time (UTC)

Internal memory                4GB

Reception frequency           L1, 1575.42 MHz    B1, 1561.098MHz

Data format                       NMEA 0183

Data update rate                Once per second

Digital compass                  Tri-axial geomagnetic sensor and tri-axial acceleration sensor used to calculate direction

Power supply                      1900 mAh Li-ion

Dimensions                        55 x 75 x 45 mm /2.2 x 3.0 x1.8 in. (W x H x D)

Weight                              Approx. 110 g / 3.8 oz.

Operating temperature        -40°C to +80°C /-40° F to 176° F

Operating humidity             5% to 95%, Non condensing


For more details, please download Solmeta GMAX receiver User manual.





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